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Belarus condemned for allowing migrants into the EU

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Belarus is under harsh criticism for granting migrants illegal access to the European Union’s border.

Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia jointly rebuked Belarus’ actions.

“All European Union member states must protect borders and stop illegal entries,” a Polish official stated.

For one thing, Officials published the statement after a videoconference of the countries’ prime ministers.

In the past weeks, Lithuania has reported an increase in the number of illegal border crossings from Belarus.

Also, Lithuania accused Minsk of transporting migrants from foreign countries to the EU via planes.

Early this month, Poland accused Belarus of sending a huge amount of migrants over the borders.

Moreover, the former believes this action was a retaliation to Warsaw’s decision to grant asylum to Krystsina Tsimanouskaya.

Krystsina Tsimanouskaya is an athlete from Belarus who refused to go home from the Tokyo 2021 Olympic games.

Besides, Belarus was not immediately available for a request to comment on the incident.

Poland and Belarus

Human rights groups harshly criticized Polish authorities for rejecting migrants and asylum seekers and denying them acceptable medical help.

The Polish Prime Minister’s chancellery circulated a transcript of the video conference.

The transcript stated that the Polish authorities have taken appropriate care of all illegal refugees and migrants.

“It’s important to underline that those who did cross the border received medical care in special sites for this purpose,” the statement read.

Additionally, Polish media reports that over 30 migrants have been staying in the forest on the Polish-Belarusian borders for two weeks.

The forest is near the village of Usnarz Gorne, close to the borders.

Private broadcaster TVN took photos that showed Polish border patrol guards unwinding barbed wire along the border.

Poland’s Border Guard tweeted on Friday it had asked Belarus to step in, and the latter said it was already.

Meanwhile, Poland had transported more than 260 individuals fleeing from Afghanistan.

This is according to Prime Minister Chief of Staff, Michal Dworczyk, in a statement to the PAP news agency on Saturday.


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