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CR7 asks to set on the bench at Juventus


CR7 asked the coaching staff and the club administration to set on the bench against Udinese, reported the Italian sports agency today.

Cristiano Ronaldo is looking forward to leaving the club in the near future, but there are no official offers yet.

While the Old Lady has always announced that CR7 will not be leaving the club, Ronaldo has been uncertain. And there are no official talks about him leaving, except asking to set on the bench—it is official.

Last week, rumors greatly circulated that CR7 intends to leave Juventus this summer. His manager, Massimiliano Allegri, however, tried hard to shut such rumors down.

Nevertheless, rumors increased than ever, starting with CR7 requesting to join the bench fellows.

At first, reports thought it was Allegri’s decision to bench CR7. But, it turned out that CR7 himself did not want to join the XI against the Udinese fixture.

When the five times ballon d’Or winner requests to join the bench, it is an indirect message to big clubs that he wants to leave. While there are no clear or specific reasons why the CR7 wants to leave, the player wants to find another jersey to wear.

As of yet, Juventus have received no official bids for Ronaldo and they remain keen to keep him around, but this decision suggests they may be fighting an uphill battle.

CR7 and the city of Manchester

It is huge when a player like Cristiano Ronaldo requests to leave the club. This leaves a sour taste in the Juventus administration as well as the fans. On the other hand, it makes other clubs generous with their offers and incentives to bring the player.

Although rumors linked the CR7 back to Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti made it clear that they are not interested. Concerning the French Giants, it is not a possibility for many reasons, most important is they have just singed Messi. That makes them unable to afford to bring the CR7.

That leaves the poles of the city of Manchester who can bring CR7 and afford his salary. Still, Man United, who hope to bring the CR7 back, do not seem to be hasty in signing the player. Man City could be the nearest club for the 36-year-old.

It is worth mentioning that CR7 has only one year left in his Juventus contract. Yet, the player is not planning to stay for another year.


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