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Barcelona could ‘fire’ Umtiti soon


Barcelona may terminate the French center-back contract if he refuses a free transfer, the club warned the player on Monday.

Samuel Umtiti, who faced a stream of injuries since the world cup 2018, does not want to leave the club. While the player has received a number of offers in the past few seasons, he turned them down. He keeps joining the bench, however.

Barcelona find it haunting paying the French defender around £200,000 weekly, while the latter does not play. And he is not in a fine form as well. The club tried to reach an agreement with the player, who keeps turning down offers.

Now, Barcelona are angry and looking forward to terminating the contract, based on Sport.

The 27-year-old player has already turned down an offer from Turkey. However, Nice, Monaco, and Roma are among the clubs who have a keen interest in the defender. He, in turn, is not interested in joining any of those clubs. He prefers a top club, which non of the tops are interested.


Barcelona has never been any clearer with a player than with Umtiti. The club is bluntly informing the player to leave Camp Nou, but the latter has no response. He only showed willingness to agree but only on loan. There are no loans offer, however.

Barcelona keeps the communication active with the player, in an attempt to convince him to accept one of the said offers. They have also informed him that it could extend to ‘fire’.

Shockingly, reports have confirmed that Barcelona officials made clear that Umtiti will leave by September. The French defender will not be a Barca player for another month.

Likewise, Miralem Pjanic, whom Koeman has not found a spot for him since joining from Juventus, will have to leave. Pjanic sat on the bench around 15 times more than he played. He feels disappointed. The club, in turn, is trying to figure it out for him. Maybe selling, loan, or exchange—nothing clear.


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