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Covid-19 Among Top 10 Causes of Death in UK

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Covid-19 was the top ten biggest cause of death in Britain, amid growing concerns of a new wave of the virus.

The virus was the ninth biggest cause of death in the country in July and the 26th in June.

However, Covid is still the leading cause of death over the course of the past 15 months.

Heart disease remains the biggest cause of death – while flu and pneumonia remain above Covid as a cause for a second month, although this is still half the five-year average.

Thousands of Covid Deaths For Years

Britain faces the prospect of thousands of annual Covid deaths for years to come, scientists have warned.

Scientists said that the UK might learn to live with thousands of Covid-related deaths for years to come.

The Covid-19 vaccines don’t seem to be a long term solution for the health crisis as new variants emerge. People will have to live with it.

Seasonal waves of the virus are expected to sweep the country every winter. It will join other seasonal viruses, including influenza. However, it is believed that it is likely to kill those with underlying conditions with the provided vaccines.

The numbers of Covid cases seem to establish through this summer, but it is expected to rise again, causing a fourth wave this autumn. This is expected to occur yearly for a while.

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