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Euro-Med Monitor: Potential flow of Afghan asylum seekers is a test for Europe’s values

Euro-Med Monitor

Euro-Med Monitor issued an urgent memorandum to the European Union and Foreign Ministers on Wednesday.

Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor stresses the importance of the European’s responsibilities towards the Afghan asylum seekers and refugees. The Geneva-based also directed the memorandum to the EU’s Commission President and High Representative for Foreign Affairs.

“A potential flow of Afghan asylum seekers would be a real test for Europe’s ability to uphold its founding values and principles and show genuine respect for human rights and international law,” said Dr. Ramy Abdu, Chairman of Euro-Med Monitor.

In fact, the memorandum is a response to some of the EU member states, who publicly refused to receive a number of Afghans. France, Greece, Austria, and Germany made clear and firm they will not receive Afghan asylum seekers and refugees.

In the memorandum, Euro-Med’s migration researcher, Michela Pugliese, showcased a brief of Taliban’s human rights infringes and violations. She pinpointed the violations against minorities, women, and children who are in relation with the government or international forces.

“We strongly assert that all states, including EU countries, have a legal and moral responsibility to allow people fleeing Afghanistan,” said Pugliese.

Moreover, the violations committed against the Afghans put their lives at risk and require international protection for those who flee.

Pugliese added “Allow them to seek safety, to receive humanitarian relief and prompt access to their territory. And to ensure respect for the principle of nonrefoulement as well as non-rejection at the frontier.”

‘Irregular migratory flows’

The Geneva-based Euro-Med Monitor expressed their concern towards the French President’s statement.

Emmanuel Macron declared how important for them to “protect” themselves from “irregular migratory flow. Likewise, Sebastian Kurz, Austria’s chancellor, suggested the establishment of “deportation centers” to accommodate Afghans.

In addition, he announced such centers should be near Afghanistan and should maintain the ongoing deportation of Afghan refugees from the EU.

Abdu added “building more walls and deportations centers or outsourcing the burden of asylum seekers to unsafe third countries would not solve the problem.

“It would rather adversely impact the EU’s credibility, preaching of human rights, and calls for a rule-based international order.”

Through the memo, Euro-Med Monitor then eulogized some of EU countries’ decision to stop the deportation of Afghan people. Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, and the Netherlands believe that it is logistically unfeasible to perform deportations.

Therefore, Euro-Med Monitor called on the other EU states member to follow the footsteps of the five countries. They should stop the deportations of Afghan refugees and asylum seekers.

Neighboring countries to Afghanistan should immediately open the borders in front of refugees, recommended Euro-Med Monitor. Nevertheless, the latter declared it is not fair to only rely on neighboring countries. They have absorbed huge numbers of Afghans for years.

According to the memo, Pakistan and Iran host around 1.4 million and 780,000 registered Afghan refugees respectively. Lately, around 30,000 Afghans daily have fled the country heading to Iran or Pakistan.


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