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PSG: Mbappe wants to move to Madrid

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Kylian Mbappe wants to leave the PSG and join Real Madrid, PSG’s director Leonardo confirmed on Wednesday.

Leonardo has announced although Mbappe most likely leaving the club will not sell him for less than what PSG paid Monaco.

The French forward still has a year of contract with the French Giants. And he will leave the club either this week or after the expiration of his contract.

Mbappe thinks it is time for another journey after conquering the national league but failed in the European Tournament.

While nothing until this moment is official, the player made his mind that he will be moving to the White House.

Real Madrid is now Mbappe’s final destination more than ever. The first is preparing for the latter around €160m as an opening price. Some agencies report that PSG may see this number as a small bid, as they may ask for €200m.

“Real Madrid’s official offer is very far from what we want for Kylian. Yes, it’s around €160m. It’s less than what we paid for him in 2017,” said Leonardo.

However, negotiation will take place later this week if things move on.

‘We will not hold him back’

After a long journey of rumors and officials turning downs, Leonardo declared that the club won’t say no to Mbappe. If the player wants to join Real Madrid, PSG will prioritize conditions.

“Kylian Mbappé wants to join Real Madrid and we will not hold him back. We said no to Madrid’s first offer, but if our conditions are met, we’ll see,” said Leonardo this Tuesday.

Nevertheless, Leonardo expressed his annoyance that Real Madrid have been in contact with the player directly. Leonardo described this as “illegal,” as Madrid should have asked PSG first.

“It seems like a strategy to try to get a no from us. It is to show that they have tried everything and to wait for a year to get Mbappé for free. Kylian always promised he wouldn’t leave for free,” added Leonardo

PSG fans are keen to see Mbappe plays alongside the legendary newcomer Lionel Messi. However, Mbappe seems he wants to leave. Fans are disappointed, however.

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