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US-China Tension Raises Again Over Coronavirus Origins

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The US and China have exchanged accusations over the origins of the coronavirus pandemic.

Chinese media sources have alleged that the Covid-19 virus originated from an American military base in Maryland.

Furthermore, the claims has gained popularity in China ahead of a US intelligence report on the virus origins.

On the other hand, the US report has shed light on whether the virus was the result of a natural spillover from animals to humans or not.

Thus, a summary of the report is expected to be published in the coming days.

As a reaction, Chinese sources have been amplifying a claim that the US has made Covid-19.

The sources claimed that the military installation in Frederick, Maryland, about 80 km (50 miles) north of Washington DC was behind the Covid-19 coronavirus.

A rap song by the Chinese nationalist group CD Rev suggesting. nefarious plots being hatched by the lab was recently endorsed by Zhao Lijian, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman.

The rhythms of the song -“How many plots came out of your lab. How many dead bodies hanging a tag/What are you hiding. Open the door to Fort Detrick” – are awkward. But its sentiment “speaks our mind.” Mr Zhao wrote in a tweet in August.

However, Zhao has played an important role in spreading the “US origin” theory.

Several tweets from his account last year first drew wide attention to Fort Detrick. “What’s behind the closure of the biolab at Fort Detrick?” He wrote in July 2020. “When will US invite experts to investigate the origin of the virus in US?”


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