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Barca jersey number 10 remains untouched

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Barca jersey number 10 has been unworn since Lionel Messi moved to PSG. The club has played their third match today against Getafe. And still, no one dared to call the number 10.

Messi, who wore this jersey for almost 13 years, departed Barca and left the 10-jersey behind him. The jersey’s fate is still unknown. Leo first wore this jersey when he took it from his friend Ronaldinho, who left for Milan in 2008.

Until now, it is not clear if leaving the jersey vacant is an act of immortalizing Messi’s name with it. Some reports say that no current Barca player wore this shirt except for Aguero back in Man City.

However, the Argentina newcomer already chose number 19. Some sources, yet, report that Aguero may be the one to wear 10-jersey, as he chose 19 before Messi’s departure.

Other Barca newcomers such as Memphis Depay are not interested in the 10, as Depay chose 9. Also, this number when it comes to Barcelona is taboo before Messi’s departure.

This shirt, some believe, will remain unworn for a long time.

Will Fati be Barca superstar?

The Brazilian international will get back to his 14 number this season. Coutinho, who may leave the club if there are good offers, chose a jersey with number 14.

Regarding Rey Manaj, the player will wear number 17, which Fati did wear the last two seasons. Interestingly, Ansu Fati may be the player to wear Messi’s legendary jersey. The player now has no number, as Manaj will wear 17, and some believe that Fati will wear 10.

Wearing number 10 after the unmatchable spell of Messi all this year will exert pressure on the wearer. Wearing it means the performance will be linked to Messi’s. Will there be a gap?

It is worth mentioning that Lionel played for more than 15 years at Barca. He wrote his name with Gold as the best Barca player of all time. While some see him as the Club’s best of all times, some others see him as the GOAT.

Messi joined PSG this summer, as Barca flopped to renew the contract of Argentina. They have failed to register him in La Liga as a player due to high costs.

Messi will make his first debut PSG today, facing Les Parisiens. And Barca won 3 points today after defeating Getafe 2-1.


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