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Man Jailed 5 Years for Breaching COVID Rules

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A court in Vietnam has sentenced a man to five years in prison for breaking strict COVID-19 quarantine rules.

Le Van Tri, 28, was brought to court on charge of “spreading dangerous infectious diseases.”

The People’s Court of Ca Mau province sentenced a 28-year-old for travelling and spreading the virus.

“The man travelled back to Ca Mau from Ho Chi Minh City … and breached the 21-day quarantine regulations,” the state-run Vietnam News Agency (VNA) said.

“Tri infected eight people, one of whom died due to the virus after one month of treatment,” it added.

The court also sentenced two other people to 18-month and two-year suspended jail terms on the same charges.

Delta Variant Risks

A British study has earlier found that people who get COVID-19 from Delta variant are twice likely to go to hospital compared with Alpha variant.

The study mainly focused on unvaccinated or partially vaccinated people has found.

The analysis underscores Delta’s ability to put people in hospital once infected, especially those who have not been vaccinated.

According to the findings, only 1.8% of the 43,000 COVID-19 cases assessed in comparing the two variants were in patients who completed their vaccination.

The Delta variant is far more infectious than the previously dominant Alpha variant.

The variant is more transmissible than others and was first identified in India. But it has spread rapidly in the UK.

However, Portugal was the first European Union nation to announce that the Delta variant was now dominant on its territory.

According to the WHO, it is “well on its way” to accounting for a majority of worldwide cases of Covid-19.

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