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Germany’s Laschet demands apology from SPD for criticism


NUREMBERG, GERMANY - Armin Laschet, gives his speech during the party congress of the Christian Social Union (CSU) on September 11, 2021 in Nuremberg, Germany. Photo: Alexandra Beier/Getty Images Europe.

Germany’s chancellor conservative candidate after Merkel, Armin Laschet, demanded his Social Democratic rival to apologize for his harsh criticism.

The Social Democrat criticized the investigation and raids on the ministry of finance.

Prosecutors in Germany raided the Ministries of Finance and Justice on Thursday as part of an operation investigating the government’s anti-money laundering agency. Read more.

The operation has shed the light on Germany’s failings in handling finance crimes.

Evidently, The raids came at a critical time for Olaf Scholz, Minister of Finance, whose SPD is on top of the pre-election opinion polls.

In response, Scholz said prosecutors could have asked their questions directly or filed a straightforward written inquiry.

“When prosecutors search a ministry, the right response is to help prosecutors, not cast doubt on law rules,” Laschet said.

“That helps populists when you react like that. I hope he apologizes.” Laschet continued.

He added that while Germany rebukes populists for discrediting prosecutors and judges, it should set a model in accepting law.

The head of the Christian Democrats, Laschst is fighting to appeal to voters as the conservatives are regressing in polls.

The grandees of the CDU in Germany supported Laschet in April as the chancellor candidate ahead of Markus Soeder, the more famous CSU leader.

Also, the two parties compose a parliamentary bloc.

Some CSU members are less eager about Laschet’s candidacy for Germany’s next chancellor.

However, he received cheers and applause at the end of his extensive speech at the conference.

A poll issued on Friday by FGW pfut support for the SPD at 25%, ahead of the CDU/CSU on 22% and the Greens on 17%.

Moreover, the Liberal Free Democrats (FDP) and the Alternative for Germany (AfD) were on 11%; the far-left Linke was on 6%.

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