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Climate Activists on Hunger strike in Germany

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A group of activist went on hunger strike to press the German presidency candidates on climate crisis.

The hunger strikers, aged from 18 to 27, claimed that Germany’s political parties aren’t adequately addressing climate change ahead of this month’s general election.

They further vowed to continue their hunger strike until the three leading candidates vying to replace Angela Merkel agree to meet them.

The six young people who’ve been on hunger strike for more than a fortnight say they’re feeling weak.

At 27, Jacob Heinze is the oldest of the protesters here (organisers say four other people have joined their hunger strike away from the camp).

He speaks slowly, clearly struggling to concentrate, but told the BBC that, while he’s afraid of the consequences of his “indefinite hunger strike”, his fear of climate change is greater.

“I already told my parents and my friends there’s a chance I’m not going to see them again,” he said.

“I’m doing this because our governments are failing to save the young generation from a future which is beyond imagination. Which is horrific. We’re going to face war regarding resources like water, food and land and this is already a reality for many people in the world.”

Climate Change in Germany

The deadly floods that hit the country’s west earlier this month has shed light on climate change and its impact on Germany.

Last week, more than 180 people died in Western Europe due to the floods.

While about 157 German people died after the flood, only 31 from Belgium died. And about 163 people are still missing.

Other countries like France, Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland have also been affected by the worst flood Europe has been in living memory.

Experts say such disasters will become more severe and frequent as the planet heats up.

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