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International Webinar Calls for Asylum Seekers’ Protection

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Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor has hosted a webinar on the need to guarantee legal pathways to seek asylum in Europe.

Titled “Towards safe and legal channels for asylum seekers,” the webinar was moderated by Euro-Med Monitor’s Migration and Asylum Researcher Michela Pugliese.

A group of international experts have also participated in the webinar.

The event mainly addressed the urgency to provide legal, safe, sustainable and practical pathways for asylum seekers.

It discussed the current available methods to arrive in Europe by air, land or sea, mainly the humanitarian corridors. It also dealt with the resettlement programs and the NGOs’ Search and Rescue missions in the Mediterranean.

Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar, Chair of the EP Committee on Civil Liberties, noted to EU’s obligations towards asylum seekers. He further pointed to the 1951 Geneva Convention.

For her part, Olivia Sundberg Diez, from the International Rescue Committee, highlighted the need for refugees’ protection.

“The overall picture of Europe is falling far behind rising humanitarian needs”.

Fiona Kendall, European and Legal Affairs Advisor for Humanitarian Hope, also pointed out that the humanitarian corridors managed by FCEI and the Sant’Egidio Community since 2015 have brought safely and legally over 2,000 refugees up to now in Italy. “It’s a scheme that has proven its replicability”.

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