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Evacuation Process Continues from Spain’s Island

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More than 500 people were evacuated from the El Paso municipality late Monday and early Tuesday as a new stream of lava erupted on the La Palma island of Spain’s Canary Islands on Sunday afternoon.

The volcano first erupted on Sunday after a week of thousands of small tremors.

Since then, approximately 10,000 people living on La Palma left their homes.

“The lava on its path to the sea has been a bit capricious and has diverted from its course,” El Paso’s mayor Sergio Rodriguez said.

Experts said that if and when the lava reaches the sea, it could trigger more explosions.

Marine authorities have set up an exclusion zone spanning 3.7 kilometres (two nautical miles) at sea in the area.

The move took place to “prevent onlookers on boats and prevent the gases from affecting people”, Rodriguez added.

Second Nature Disaster in Spain

Last month, hundreds of people left their homes in six more Andalusian towns due to the wildfire in Spain.

This came as Spain sent in military backup to tackle a wildfire which continued to rage close to a popular Costa del Sol resort.

Nearly 2,000 people left their homes so far, while one emergency worker died since the fire erupted on Wednesday.

“We will work in coordination in the face of the fire that is devastating the province of Malaga,” said prime minister Pedro Sanchez.

He announced the deployment of the Military Emergency Unit to help firefighters tackle the blaze.

365 firefighters, supported by 41 aircraft and 25 vehicles, have participated in the operations to put out the fire.

“Ground firefighters are working intensively in harsh conditions trying to stop the advancing flames,”Andalusia’s regional forest fire agency said.

Meanwhile, social media users have widely shared footage of firefighters trying to control flames raging.

Deliberate Arson?

However, local authorities in Spain said the wildfire in northwestern Spain in Galicia was a deliberate arson.

The fire burned across 1000 hectares (2500 acres) of forest land, authorities added.

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