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As Elections Approach, All Eyes on Germany



As German general elections approach, the world attention are directed to Europe’s largest nation.

The race to succeed Angela Merkel as German chancellor will kick off in two days.

Undecided voters in Germany‘s upcoming election can turn to a popular online tool to help decide between the 40 political parties running.

Voters must pick both a candidate in their constituency and a political party to elect the Bundestag or parliament. The second vote – for a political party – is more important as it determines the parties’ representation in parliament.

The online tool called the “Wahl-o-Mat” helps people to decide which party programme best matches their political views.

Voters will choose between political statements and asked whether they agree, disagree or are neutral on the positions.

A final big opinion poll ahead of Sunday’s election indicates the Social Democrats (SPD) have 25% to the Christian Democrat’s (CDU) 23%, according to the poll carried out by Civey for the broadcaster ZDF.

The resulting scenario will have wide-reaching consequences for how a new government operates. It may also affect Germany’s future role as a leading voice in Europe.

The government formation will take weeks, if not months, of heated negotiations.

More than 60 million people are eligible to vote in the September 26 election which will decide which party’s chancellor candidate will replace Angela Merkel as she steps down after 16 years in office.


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