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Iraqi Migrant Dies at Poland-Belarus Border

Iraqi migrant

Iraqi migrant

The Polish border guard service says an Iraqi migrant has died near the country’s frontier with Belarus.

The Iraqi migrant is the fifth migrant to die at the border between Poland and Belarus.

Polish authorities said it happened as they detained a group of migrants from Iraq. The incident took place near the Belarusian border on Thursday night.

“One of the men, despite being resuscitated by the patrol and the ambulance team, died (probably of a heart attack),” the Polish Border Guard said in a statement.

It brings the death toll to five people since the start of the migration crisis this summer.

On Sunday, four migrants died at the border, according to both Belarusian and Polish officials.

UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, has earlier urged Poland to provide medical care and legal support to migrants at its border.

Along with rights groups, the agency also pressed the Polish authorities to shelter those refugees.

This appeal comes a day after Warsaw said it would build a fence to stop migrants flowing into the country.

Poland, Lithuania and Latvia have reported a spike in migrants from Afghanistan and Iraq.

The EU says Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko is waging a “hybrid” war on migrants to pressure the bloc.

“While we acknowledge the challenges posed by recent arrivals at Poland, we call on the Polish authorities to provide access to territory,” said UNHCR representative in Poland, Christine Goyer.

“We also call for immediate medical assistance, legal advice, and psychosocial support to these people,” she added.

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