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Injuries Reported during Smuggling Raids in Kosovo



Several people suffered injuries as clashes broke out between Kosovo police and ethnic Serbs during smuggling raids.

Both police officers and ethnic Serb civilians were among the injured.

The clashes broke out in several towns mostly populated by Kosovo’s Serb minority.

Kosovo police said in a statement that the events broke out when “criminal groups” blocked roads with cars. They used stun bombs, hand grenades and fired shots to “hamper and attack” officers.

At least six police officers suffered different wounds during the confrontation.

The Kosovo Online news portal quoted Zlatan Elek, head of a hospital in Mitrovica, as saying one person suffers serious firearm injuries.

Last week, the border crossing between Serbia and Kosovo were reopened as Serbs removed the roadblock consisting of trucks and cars.

Nato troops advanced in the crossing under an EU-supervised mission to end the car-plate conflict between the two countries.

The Kosovan special forces retreated from the crossing in the north almost two weeks after the Serbs blocked the road.

The Serbs protested the decision to issue temporary car license plates for all cars from Serbia.

The Kosovo government said it has imposed a license plate requirement as a move of retaliation for the Serbian measures against Kosovan drivers since 2008.

It added that it was due to the Serbian measures against Kosovan drivers since 2008 when Kosovo declared independence.

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