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Nobel Prize Urges Taliban to Allow Girls’ Education

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The Nobel Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai sent an open letter to the Taliban Movement, urging it to lift their ban on girls’ education in Afghanistan.

The letter came one month since the Taliban decided to ban girls from returning to secondary school.

The Pakistani activist for female education said the current temporary ban might last for years.

She said: “It happened a month ago they announced explicitly that boys can go to their schools. So why can’t they do the same for girls?”

“To the Taliban authorities…reverse the de facto ban on girls’ education and re-open girls’ secondary schools immediately,” the Nobel Prize laureate added

Yousafzai called on the leaders of Muslim nations to make it clear to the Taliban that “religion does not justify preventing girls from going to school”.

“Afghanistan is now the only country in the world that forbids girls’ education,” said the writers, who included the head of the Afghan human rights commission under the last US-backed government Shaharzad Akbar.

Kabul Collapse

In August, the Taliban has claimed victory after taking over the capital of Kabul.

Fighters have seized the presidential palace and the government has collapsed.

Moreover, President Ashraf Ghani fled abroad.

This came a few days after foreign forces started withdrawing from the country.

Kabul has earlier urged all European countries in early July to halt forced deportations for the next three months.

However, the renewed violence foiled any hope to restore calm in the country.

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