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Meet Arsenal Youngest Footballer

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The four-year-old footballer Zayn Ali Salman was scouted by Arsenal while still at nursery.

Salman caught the attention of one of London’s biggest football clubs while still at nursery.

He is the youngest-ever recruit to the Arsenal pre-academy after his skills had him running rings round players twice his age.

His talent has always been obvious.

“He’s just got a raw, raw talent,” he added.

“He was training with much, much bigger kids. Arsenal then scouted him while he was still in nursery. That kind of set the tone, and it just went like wildfire — you know how it is with the football world. As soon as there’s a sniff of real talent, everyone’s on him.

“Obviously it’s a bit much for me as a father, but at the same time I’m loving it and taking it with a pinch of salt. It’s a long, long journey.”

After he was invited into the Arsenal pre-academy, scouts from other London clubs contacted Salman to show their interest. Chelsea, Fulham and Crystal Palace were among them.

For now, because of Zayn’s age, no club can actually sign him, he can only train with the clubs.

Salman says that although the buzz around Zayn has been amazing, they are just taking it one step at a time.

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