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Luxembourg Legalises Growing and Using Cannabis

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Luxembourg will allow adults to use cannabis and grow up to four plants per household. The new decision made it the first country in Europe to fully legalise the production and consumption of the drug.

The announcement on Friday by Luxembourg’s government was said to deliver fundamental changes in the country’s approach to recreational cannabis use and cultivation in light of the failure of prohibition to deter use.

Under the legislation, young people will be able to legally grow up to four cannabis plants per household.

According to the ministers’ plans, police will arrest a person with a little weed (less than three grams) in their pockets and impose a fine of €25 to €500 on the offender, compared to up to €2,500 before. However, the police will not register any criminal record.

The Parliament will hold a vote to confirm the proposals and reduction of sanctions. But the plans have the backing of the governing coalition.

For home farmers, authorities will permit trading seeds without any limit on the quantity or levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The government plans for it to become possible to buy seeds in shops, to import them or to buy them online.

Netherlands has decriminalised growing and using the drug. Yet theoretically, growing and smoking cannabis is still a criminal offence.

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