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Posters with Tibetan flag outside Chinese embassy in Denmark, taken down

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An election candidate in Denmark said ten campaign posters of himself and the Tibetan flag were removed.

He said he hung the posters outside the Chinese Embassy in the capital Copenhagen.

Thomas Rohden, a popular critic of China, reported a theft of the posters and assumed the embassy is behind it.

According to Reuters, the embassy was not immediately available for comment.

Moreover, the police said they are considering investigating.

Rohden said after he hung the posters, he saw people from the embassy coming out and showing disapproval.

He added that after several hours, the posters were not there.

However, on Tuesday, Rohden hung new posters of the Tibetan flag outside the embassy.

Denmark’s Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod stated the incident is “worrying” and he’ll wait for the police’s decision before he takes action.

“We must and will stand by our values and principles,” Kofod said.

Rohden said the posters are a protest of the partnership between Danish health authorities and the eastern Chinese province, Jiangsu in 2012.

The public records show that the deal between the two is no longer active, but not officially terminated yet.

China has ruled the Tibet region since 1951 and took control of it in what they call a “peaceful liberation.”

Beijing considers Tibet’s current Dalai Lama a dangerous separatist; the Dalai Lama is now in exile in India.

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