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Britain to retaliate if France carries out threats

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London said on Thursday that France’s threats to disrupt Britain’s trade and block its fishing ships are incompatible with International Law.

It added it will meet this step with an “appropriate and calibrated” response if it ever happens.

France seized on Thursday a British ship while it was fishing in its territorial waters without a license.

Moreover, it gave a second trawler a warning in a dispute over entering EU countries’ waters after Brexit.

Also, Paris has released a sanction list that could be effective from November 2, unless there is progress.

George Eustice, Britain’s environment minister, said to the Parliament on Thursday that it was disappointing to face threats.

The threats didn’t appear compatible with the Trade and Cooperation Agreement or international law, Eustice said.

“If carried through, the measures will be met with an appropriate and calibrated response,” he added, noting the post-Brexit trading deal between the UK and the EU.

Eustice said the vessel obtained a license when reporters asked him about the matter.

“They were on the list that was provided by the MMO (Marine Management Organisation) initially to the European Union.”

“The European Union, therefore, granted a license,” he said in front of the parliament.

Paris announced on Wednesday measures in retaliation for Britain’s refusal to grant its fishermen the full number of licenses.

Furthermore, it will impose more customs checks on British goods entering France.

This will further intensify the pre-Christmas economic hardship in Britain, which already suffers labor shortages and high energy prices.

Eustice said Britain had given 1,673 licenses to EU fishing vessels to operate in exclusive economic zones.

He added 736 vessels were French, and Britain still considers more licenses.

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