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Eric Zemmour to Run for France’s Presidency

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Far-right TV pundit Eric Zemmour declared himself a candidate in the April 2022 presidential elections.

Eric Zemmour has made headlines over his polarising rhetoric, will officially throw his hat into the race for president.

Zemmour, a tv pundit and former newspaper columnist, has created a media frenzy in France with his views.

He was already been condemned twice in court for hate speech.

Earlier this month, Zemmour faced a third hate speech trial for calling unaccompanied migrant children murderers and rapists.

Unions are planning to protest Zemmour’s candidacy on Sunday in Paris when he holds his first official campaign meeting.

France has been under spotlight as it prepares for a new presidential elections in six months.

A recent poll showed Eric Zemmour and Marine Le Pen with the backing of nearly a third of French voters.

The poll, published on October 6, predicted secure 32 percent; 17 percent for Eric Zemmour and 15 percent for Marine Le Pen.

The election takes place in April but in order to stand candidates need the backing of 500 elected representatives.

All candidates have until at the latest six weeks before the first round of voting. T they require the 500 names before March 16, 2022.

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