New Year’s Celebrations to Go Ahead Despite Omicron Surge

New Year’s
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Many New Year’s Eve celebrations will take place in different cities around the world, despite the rising COVID cases that soar to unprecedented levels.

Large crowds will gather for the annual event in Sidney, but organisers insist changes such as ticketing for vantage points will keep everyone safe.

The new Year’s celebrations in France will also go ahead despite record Covid cases.

In the US, states are breaking their single-day COVID-19 case records as cities prepare for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The sky-high number of cases across the country has experts urging people to change their plans for New Year’s Eve.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned of ‘tsunami’ of COVID cases in the near future due to Omicron spread.

The WHO further warned of the risk posed by the Omicron variant after COVID-19 case numbers shot up by 11 percent globally last week.

Omicron is behind the rapid virus spikes, the WHO said in its COVID weekly epidemiological update on Wednesday.

The update came after a number of countries reported record-high infection figures in recent days.

In some parts, the increase has been compounded by the emergence of the new Omicron variant. Omicron was first detected in South Africa.