Hospitals Under Pressure in the UK

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson says that hospitals are under pressure in the country, but Covid plans are unchanged.

He further said that the UK is in a much stronger position than last year, but it would be “folly” to think the pandemic was “all over.”

The NHS and hospitals are going to face considerable pressure due to the Covid surge, he further added.

The government will stick to current Plan B measures in England while keeping everything under review.

Although Omicron is clearly milder than other variants, it would be “folly” to think the pandemic is over, he added.

He also said the majority of people in intensive care did not receive their vaccination.

There are nearly 12,000 people in UK hospitals with Covid but that is far below the highest levels reached last winter.

Hospital admissions in London may also have peaked, NHS bosses suggest.

But a hospital trust in Lincolnshire has declared a critical incident due to Covid-related staff absences.

All secondary school pupils in England have to undergo test for Covid before returning to classrooms, where they will have to wear masks.

The UK’s daily COVID infections have passed 100,000 for the first time amid Omicron spread.

The UK registered a record-breaking 106,122 new COVID-19 infections in 24 hours ahead of the holidays.

The country reported more than 100,000 daily infections for the first time.

Infections have risen nearly 60% in the past week compared to the week before, UK authorities said.