Player opts out of MLB season for ‘Covid-related reasons’ after mysteriously disappearing before game

Security sent by team management to the Mets' hotel found no trace of Céspedes or his belongings, and the team remained unaware of the 34-year-old's decision not to play the rest of the season until late in the game against the Atlanta Braves. Visit for more news, videos and featuresThe Mets had earlier released a statement saying Céspedes made no explanation for his absence ahead of the game and that attempts to contact him had been unsuccessful."When we showed up to the ballpark this morning, he was not here, he was not on site, we weren't aware of why," Van Wagenen told reporters."We were able to send a security team to the hotel, and then ultimately learned later that he was healthy, he was not in any danger and then ultimately he has made the decision to opt out of the season."We support every players' right to make this type of decision. This is a challenging time for everyone and so we will support him in that decision."It was surprising, without question, and at the same point we have to go forward and we have to not allow anything to keep us from going forward and attempting to win every game and not have distractions from it."READ: Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson tests positive for Covid-19The Mets lost 4-0 to the Braves in Sunday's game at Truist Park, the team's seventh loss in 10 games since the delayed start to the MLB season in July.In opting out of the season, Céspedes will forgo the money owed to him over the final months of a four-year, $110-million contraRead More – Source