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Missing Passenger Plane Wreckage Found in Eastern Russia

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Wreckage of the passenger plane, which went missing Monday in Russia, were found Tuesday evening on a coastal cliffside and in the sea.

Bodies of the victims were found near the town of Palana in the region of Kamchatka, apparently as the plane came in for a landing in bad weather.

None of the plane’s 28 passengers were rescued.

The governor of Kamchatka, Vladimir Solodov, told the state Tass news agency that the “first bodies are being pulled out (of the water).”

The plane flew from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Palana before losing contact with air traffic control while attempting to land.

At least 28 people were on board, including six crew members and two children.

Russian reports have suggested pilot error or technical malfunction that could be behind the accident.

Governor Vladimir Solodov said: “Now the first bodies are being removed [of water].

“As for the number of bodies, the situation is changing all the time.”

Solodov said: “The fuselage is located on this hill, and the main part of the plane (is) in the water.

“The place itself is inaccessible, a helicopter cannot land there.”

The incident comes only two days after a Philippine air force aircraft crashed on a southern island on July 4, killing 50 people.

The July 4 crash is the worst air disaster for the Asian country in nearly three decades.

Once known for aircraft-related accidents, Russia has improved its air traffic safety records in the past few years.

However, poor maintenance of air crafts and a low level of safety standards still prevail.

Flying is also dangerous in the country’s isolated regions with challenging weather conditions.

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