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Report: EU-Made Weapons Fuel War Worldwide

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EuroNews televised report revealed the European involvement in igniting wars and conflicts worldwide, mainly in the MENA region,

Under the title Unreported Europe, the report said that the majority of European arms were sent to authoritarian regimes involved in war crimes and serious human rights violations.

According to the report, the US, the UK, Spain and Canada openly supply weapons to the Saudi-led coalition despite its involvement in documented war crimes in Yemen.

European arms firms also dealt with the Israeli authorities during its latest 11-day aggression on Gaza Strip.

The report cited the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the war in Yemen as two examples among dozens of active conflicts currently raging worldwide.

The report pointed to Italy’s role in providing Israeli Air Force with planes.

According to finding, Italy isn’t only providing the Israeli Air Force with planes that could be used to train pilots that carry out attacks, but they could also be providing planes actually used for the attacks themselves.

Saudi Arabia was Italy’s main client last year after Egypt and Qatar in the Middle East and North Africa.

Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest arms importer. After it engaged in the war in Yemen, its arms imports skyrocketed. It showed an increase of 61% from 2016 to 2020.

Belgium, Germany, France and Spain are the other European countries that have allowed exports to Saudi Arabia.

Pressured by anti-war activists, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, The Netherlands and Italy have stopped or restricted their exports to Riyadh.

But not France, the EU’s first arms exporter and the world’s third-biggest.

Amnesty International says they have evidence of France selling various kinds of military equipment to the Saudi-led coalition. French artillery, ammunition and combat vehicles have been found in Yemen.


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