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Italian diplomats and Afghan helpers fly back to Rome

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Italian politicians and Afghan helpers landed in Rome from Kabul on Monday.

The Italian PM Mario Draghi had previously assured Italy’s intention to shelter all Afghan helpers to the country’s mission in Kabul.

Approximately 70 people were on board the KC767 military-grade plane arriving in Rome.

Evidently, The evacuation was part of a huge ongoing international evacuation after the Taliban took control of the Afghan capital.

Human rights violations

Draghi stated Rome was cooperating with its European partners to fix the crisis in Afghanistan.

In turn, this would protect human rights, especially for women.

“Italy’s commitment is to protect the Afghan citizens who helped us in our mission,” he said.

The Italian ambassador to Kabul was on board a flight with about 20 Afghanis.

One of the Afghanis on board was Alif Uriake, M.D., who said the situation in Kabul is disastrous.

“We’ve left thousands of people and families. I appeal to all the community to save these people,” he said at Fiumicino airport in Rome.

Additionally, Domenico Frontoni said he hopes to rejoin his former Afghan associates.

Frontoni is a logistics consultant at an italian overseas cooperation agency.

“Awful, it is just awful,” he said.

“Those of us in Afghanistan shared part of our lives (with the locals) and that remains in our hearts,” he added.

Chaos in Afghanistan

Thousands of Afghan citizens are desperate to leave the country.

They gathered at Kabul Airport on Monday, and the chaos caused the death of five civilians.

Moreover, The Italian foreign ministry has plans for other evacuation flights.

However, the government has not given any details yet.

“It’s a desperate situation,” said Pietro Del Sette, another employee of the Italian overseas cooperation agency.

“We watched as our colleagues were afraid of persecution, ill-treatment or, in the worst case, murder,” he added.


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