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Afghan dead body appeared in a jet landing gear

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A dead body of an Afghan appeared in Kabul airport in the landing gear of a U.S. C-17 jet, said two sources today.

The Afghan, who appeared dead, tried desperately to flee the country after the Taliban announced their administration.

According to the sources, the Afghan body that appeared was beyond saving, as it was damaged.

This is the most up-to-date news since the chaos prevailed at Kabul international airport. This came amid the Taliban’s takeover of the capital of Afghanistan.

News agencies and social media influences crazily posted videos of many Afghans clutching to departing planes from the outside. Many of them also tried to cling to huge C-17 cargo jets.

Shockingly, some other videos that social media circulated show some Afghans fall from mid-air departing planes.

The Pentagon spokesperson has not commented on the situation immediately. And Washington Post recorded the news for the first time.

As the tarmac of the airport was fully crowded, the Defense Department froze the flights—either military or civilian. Based on John Kirby, the Pentagon spokesperson, they stopped them for a short time, so they can clear the tarmac.

Will an investigation take place?

Following the deaths of Afghans falling from the plane, an investigation into that did not take place. However, Kirby told reporters that the department would look into the matter.

To help American citizens and vulnerable Afghans to leave the country, Pentagon used around 5,000 troops to Kabul. According to Officials, U.S. will decrease the troops to 3,000 by Monday, flying the rest back.

Hank Taylor, the deputy director for regional operations and force management, announced the resuming of U.S. operations in the airport. And allow C-17s and soldiers to the land in the country.

Earlier, gunfire took place between Americans and the Taliban, resulting in the killing of two gunmen. And one U.S. member got injured with no updates on his status.

According to Defense, the C-17 saw the highest number of people in a plane, with more than 600 Afghans.

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