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Anti- Health Pass Protesters March for 6th Week

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Thousands of protesters took into streets of Paris for the sixth consecutive week, in rejection to the government’s Covid-19 vaccination policies.

The protesters chanted slogans and held banners denouncing the health pass system.

“Macron! We don’t want your pass!”, one of the banners reads.

One of the protesters said that the new measure is unfairly restricting the rights of the unvaccinated.

President Emmanuel Macron has earlier announced the measure on July 12 as France is

registering a high number of infections. about 22,000 each day.

Thus, legislators have passed a virus bill requiring the pass in most places as of August 9 as virus infections are spiking and hospitalisations are rising.

As viral infections are soaring and hospitalisations are on the rise, legislation was passed on August 9 requiring the health-pass to be presented in most places.

According to polls, most of the French population support the move. However, some opposition remains.

The Health-pass requires proof of vaccination, a negative PCR test result or a recent recovery from Covid-19.

According to the pass, all healthcare workers are to be vaccinated by the middle of September.

What is Health Pass System?

Health passes are digital or paper certificates that show if someone has received at least one jab, has tested negative or has recently recovered from COVID-19.

Digital Health Pass will help businesses to verify health credentials for employees,

customers, fans and travellers entering their site based on their own criteria.

Although a majority say they support the system, thousands have rejected it. They say it is

an infringement of their basic rights.

Privacy is key. The digital wallet can allow individuals to maintain control of their personal health information and determine what they share, with whom, and for what purpose.

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