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Messi plays and PSG win

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PSG have won against Reims in their fourth Ligue 1 game, amid the first appearance of Messi Sunday night.

The French club has won 2-0 against the newcomer Reims. With this fourth consecutive win, PSG topped the table with 12 points.

Mbappe, who may leave the club to Real Madrid, scored two goals, helping the team collect the three points.

Lionel Messi entered the pitch for the first time in the second half of the match. This is the first game for Lionel since the Copa America final; it has been 45 days for the Argentina international.

While Messi did not play much, he stole the spotlight of the match, as it is his first appearance. The 34-year-old only played 30 minutes or even less, touching the ball dozens of times.

Neymar and Messi historical partnership

Although the whole world was waiting to see Messi and Neymar play, Mauricio Pochettino substituted Neymar with Messi. It was an unexpected substitution and frustrating to the fans—not only PSG fans but the world.

Maybe the Argentina manager has something in mind when having done this. Still, the season is at its very beginning, where both can formulate a stunning partnership.

Some say that Pochettino wanted to lay a foundation of a new partnership between Messi and Mbappe. An action that may affect the decision of the French forward to move to Real Madrid.

Or, he wanted to give De Maria a chance to play with Messi. But the first also went out a few minutes after the latter entered.

The Copa America winner seemed energetic in the game, having the urge to score his first goal with PSG.

The player still has the Champions League and more time to resume the unmatchable partnership with Neymar. Also, PSG will face Man City as a powerful fixture in the group stages in the Champions League.

All critics, fans, players, and managers expect PSG to lift the trophy this season with a powerful squad.


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