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Africa receives 10 million COVID19 doses from France

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France made a new arrangement with the African Union, in which they would send 10 million vaccine doses to Africa.

It will provide AstraZeneca and Pfizer COVID19 doses through Covax and the African Vaccine Acquisition Trust (AVAT) to AU member states.

France was the first country to donate vaccines through Covax; it also donated a sum of 200 million euros in funding.

3.7 million doses have already been transferred to 22 countries from Africa and Asia.

This was part of an agreement in 2021 for 60 million vaccine doses.

The new alliance will guarantee vaccine access for more people in Africa, thus helping them beat the pandemic.

The long-standing partner to Africa, Covax will take command and ensure the fair allocation and delivery of the doses to the right people.

“Africa has been hard-hit by COVID-19,” stressed Dr. Seth Berkley, CEO, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.

Partnership with Covax

“France’s leadership in dose donation will further the cause of equitable access and help end the acute phase of the pandemic,” he added.

Mr. Jean-Yves Le Drian, French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs said that sharing the doses is an expression of solidarity and equity.

He added that this partnership with the AU and Gavi/COVAX will enable the provision of 10 million Astra Zeneca and Pfizer doses to African countries.

Moreover, It embodies France’s will to stand with Africa and face the pandemic together.” the Minister concluded.

AU’s Special Envoy of the AVAT initiative, Strive Masiyiwa said “Our mission in Africa is to vaccinate at least 60% of our population.”

He said they’ve partnered with Covax to make this possible in spite of challenges in the supply chain.

“France’s generous offer is gratifying indeed, and we urge other donors to step forward in sharing the doses,” he added.

While investing in delivery efficiency, Covax has delivered over 55 million vaccine doses to Africa.

Covax is eager to expand its relations with the AU, AVAT and the African CDC to battle the pandemic.

The cooperation will achieve the African Union’s target of vaccinating 60% of the African population.

The AstraZeneca and Pfizer networks produced the France-donated doses.

Donating through Covax increases vaccine coverage, ensures using all doses, and ends the critical wave of the pandemic.

A contribution of 5 million Canadian dollars supports the design and processing of the Covax sharing mechanism.

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