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Norway’s Left-Wing Opposition Wins General Election

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Norway’s left-wing opposition headed by Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Store won Monday’s general election.

The Labour party is expected , while Labour is expected to form the government coalition.

The results came after a campaign dominated by questions about the future of the key oil industry.

The left-wing unseated a centre-right coalition headed by Conservative Prime Minister Erna Solberg since 2013.

“We waited, we hoped, and we have worked so hard, and now we can finally say it: We did it!,” Store, in all likelihood the next prime minister, told cheering supporters after Solberg conceded defeat.

The five left-wing opposition parties were projected to win 100 of the 169 seats in parliament.

That eliminated concerns about having to rely on the support of two other opposition parties, the Greens and the communist Red Party.

“Norway has sent a clear signal: the election shows that the Norwegian people want a fairer society,” said the 61-year-old millionaire who campaigned against social inequalities.

Norway: Key Oil Industry

Several ‘Extinction Rebellion’ activists blocked the way to Norway’s oil and energy ministry for over five hours on Monday.

Norway’s police later came, cleared the crowds and arrested some protesters.

Nearly 17 protesters occupied the reception in the ministry, while tens of others remained outside.

Activists with the phrase “Ban oil” on their palms stopped people from getting into the ministry in Central Oslo.

The protesters said this blockade is part of a 10-day protest against Norway’s oil industry.

Norway is the largest producer of crude and natural gas in Western Europe, as it produces nearly four million oil barrels per day.

Norway’s police started clearing the crowds and the building by afternoon and said they detained 19 people from inside the ministry.

The police force tweeted that it arrested another 29 protesters when they tried to block a major road in the city.

Climate change has become the center of attention ahead of the September 13 election.

In this election, people expect Norway’s center-left opposition to defeat the office-holding Conservative coalition.

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