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France to retaliate to UK’s denying fishing boats

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France will resort to retaliation measures against Britain and Jersey Island after they denied French boats access to their territories.

As Britain and Jersey Island refused to license the fishing boats, France considered response within a couple of weeks.

Paris accused London of politicizing the fishing rights after the Brexit and urged other EU countries to take a similar stand.

France called Britain’s move a disregard of the new trading deal.

The dispute over fishing is due to France’s disapproval of Britain’s new Indo-Pacific deal with the US and Australia.

The AUKUS deal has led Australia to cancel a submarine buying agreement with France.

The French maritime minister Annick Girardin said Britain should not take advantage of French fishermen for political interest.

She added that the retaliation measures could include power supplies, academic exchange, trade deals, and railroad links.

“On every subject, the British are dragging their feet or failing to live up to their commitments,” Girardin said on Wednesday after meeting fishermen in Paris.

Political interest over honor

Britain showed an intention of further discussion with the rejected boats, adding they needed evidence of a previous operation in the waters.

Jersey said it issued 64 permits and 31 temporary permits, besides the already licensed 47 boats.

However, the British crown-dependent Jersey island had denied 75 fishing boats. French fishermen said it wasn’t enough.

“We gave every way of proof. It’s nothing but a question of bad faith,” said fisherman Romain Davodet.

Davodet is a lobster and whelk fisherman, who operates near the coast of Jersey and received a temporary license.

Paris has become impatient over what French officials call Britain’s failing to live up to its word since Brexit.

“We hear the British PM Boris Johnson repeat how much he loves France and how wonderful he thinks we are.”

“However, the behavior of the British is not that of an ally,” said an advisor to President Emmanuel Macron.

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