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Homelatest newsLockdown canceled for residents near La Palma volcano

Lockdown canceled for residents near La Palma volcano

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Spanish authorities urged on Saturday people living near La Palma to reduce their outdoor time as the volcano gushed out lava and smoke.

However, emergency services canceled the stay-home order that was effective in places of inadequate air quality due to the volcano.

The order had been canceleld in Los Llanos de Aridane, El Paso and areas of Tazacorte.

“Due to the improvement in air quality in the area, the lockdown will be lifted,” the services stated.

The services warned people against spending a long time outside their homes.

Moreover, the most vulnerable groups, such as children and elderly people, should keep staying indoors.

Cumbre Vieja, the volcano in La Palma island, started its first eruption phase on September 19 and has burned down over 800 buildings.

The authorities evacuated nearly 6,000 people from their houses on the island.

The island, which is one of the enclaves that make up the canary islands, has a 83,000-people population.

Lava erupted from a new volcano vent on Friday, which the Canaries Volcanology Institute described as a “new eruption focus.”

The director of the Pevolca response committee, Miguel Angel Morcuende, said that the volcano was intensely active.

However, he said in a news conference on Friday that the eruption is within the context of a wide island.

He added that the volcano affected less than 8% of the island, and the majority of it is still normal.

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