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Evacuation Process Continued on Spanish island

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Hundreds of people continue to flee the Spanish Canary Islands as La Palma lava continues to ooze from its volcano.

The volcano began erupting on September 19 and has already forced more than 6,000 people from their homes.

The Spanish Emergency services have ordered a new evacuation “owing to the forecast of the advance of the lava flow”.

“The 700 to 800 people affected by this evacuation order should leave their homes, with their belongings and pets,” the services tweeted.

The Emergency services demanded that the residents to go to a meeting point in the western town of Los Llanos de Aridane.

“We have to evacuate a new area. The lava is advancing slowly. People should have time to take their documents, their personal items and anything of value,” said Miguel Angel Morcuende, technical director of the emergency services.

Authorities issued a lockdown order for Los Llanos de Aridane and El Paso, two of the worst-affected towns.

The constant rain of fine ash has forced islanders to don masks and goggles, while thousands have left their homes.

Some 6,000 people left their homes in the region since the eruption began on Sept. 19 and are yet to return, while more than 800 buildings, including houses, churches and schools, have been destroyed.

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