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Russia Welcomes New Era with Taliban

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Russia has hosted an international conference in an attempt to stabilise the situation in Afghanistan since Taliban took power in mid-August.

Officials from 10 countries including China and Pakistan have attended the Moscow conference.

Representatives from India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan are also attending.

The talks mark one of the Taliban’s most significant international meetings since it assumed control of Afghanistan.

Taliban must form a government that includes all ethnic groups and political forces in Afghanistan, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavro said.

“A new administration is in power now,” Lavrov told the gathering. “We note their efforts to stabilise the military and political situation and set up work of the state apparatus.”

However, Lavrov said Moscow regretted the absence of the United States at the conference.

Washington earlier said it would not join this round of talks due to technical reasons but planned to attend future discussions.

Last March, Moscow hosted an international conference on Afghanistan with the presence of the United States, China and Pakistan.

Russia has earlier admitted that there is no alternative to the group in Afghanistan, and dismissed resistance efforts as doomed.

Zhirnov said the Taliban has made encouraging pledges.

He also praised the conduct of the Taliban in the days since its takeover of the capital.

Speaking to Reuters, Zhirnov said the security situation in the capital was much better than it was before the Taliban took control of it.

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