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Germany’s police stop vigilantes on the Polish border

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Germany’s police said on Sunday they stopped over 50 far-right armed vigilantes, who were patrolling the borders.

They were armed with pepper spray, batons, a bayonet and a machete; they were preventing migrants from entering the country.

The vigilantes have links to the Third Way far-right party, which is under suspicion of having ties to Neo-Nazi groups.

The party called vigilantes to stop illegal crossings near Guben town on the border with Poland.

Eventually, Police seized the weapons and forced the 50 suspects to leave the town late on Saturday, a spokesperson said.

A number of the suspects had traveled to the Polish border from distant parts of Germany.

Dozens of people in the town of Guben stood together on Saturday to stand against the far-right plans.

German authorities deployed 800 more police officers on the border with Poland to control the migrant flow into the EU.

“Hundreds of officers are currently on duty there day and night. If necessary, I am ready to reinforce them even more,” Horst Seehofer said.

He added that there are already 6,162 illegal entries into Germany from Poland and Belarus this year.

Seehofer said last week that Germany never intended to shut the border with Poland, but might consider reintroducing control rules.

Several EU states accused Minsk of facilitating illegal migrant flow across the border into the EU to pressure it.

This happened because of the sanctions the EU imposed on Belarus after the election dispute of Lukashenko in August 2020.

However, Lukashenko denied that and blamed the west for the “looming humanitarian catastrophe”

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