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New Information about Russian Found Dead in Berlin

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New information has been revealed about the Russian diplomat, who was found dead outside the Russian Embassy in Berlin.

German security services affirmed that a man found dead in a street outside the Russian Embassy in Berlin last month was an undercover agent of Russia’s FSB intelligence service, Der Spiegel website reported on Friday.

The man’s body emerged on the pavement on 19 October by police guarding the Berlin compound.

The news magazine revealed the new information in a detailed report issued today.

According to the report, police had recovered the body of a Russian diplomat who apparently fell from an embassy window. 

The police later identified the man as a member of the FSB, Russia’s main intelligence and law enforcement agency.

The man had apparently fallen from an upper floor, but it was unclear how, it added.

Other media sources have identified the intelligence agent as the son of a high-ranking FSB officer, a deputy director of the intelligence agency’s Second Service, who carried out overseas assassinations.

The German foreign ministry confirmed the diplomat’s death to reporters but would not give further details.

However, the Russian embassy has declined to comment on the death of any of its staff.

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