Brigitte Macron to Take Legal Action, Guess Why?

Brigitte Macron
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The French first lady Brigitte Macron decides to take legal action over an internet conspiracy theory that she is a transgender woman and was born male.

Social media users have targeted Brigitte with the false claims in September, who circulated the conspiracy theorists.

The rumours claim she was born male under the name Jean-Michel Trogneux.

The name has trended on social media with tens of thousands of mentions.

A lawyer for Mrs Brigitte Macron- a mother of three adult children from her first marriage – confirmed she is taking action.

“She has decided to initiate proceedings, it is in progress,” lawyer Jean Ennochi confirmed to the AFP news agency.

French media have traced the story to an article written on a far-right journal by a woman named Natacha Rey.

The conspiracy theory comes as France faces a presidential election in spring 2022.

Mr Macron has not yet officially confirmed he will run for a second term but is widely expected to.

France has been under spotlight as it prepares for a new presidential elections in six months.

A recent poll showed Eric Zemmour and Marine Le Pen with the backing of nearly a third of French voters.

The poll, published on October 6, predicted secure 32 percent; 17 percent for Eric Zemmour and 15 percent for Marine Le Pen.

The election takes place in April but in order to stand candidates need the backing of 500 elected representatives.

All candidates have until at the latest six weeks before the first round of voting. T they require the 500 names before March 16, 2022.