Three Killed in Hospital Fire in Ukraine

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Three intensive care patients in Ukraine died in a hospital fire sparked by a candle lit to remember a recent Covid-19 death.

Another three people suffered severe burns following the blaze in Kosiv, western Ukraine, on Tuesday.

It is the latest in a number of deadly hospital fires during the pandemic.

Pure oxygen in cylinders which are commonly found in hospitals – and have been heavily relied on to treat Covid-19 patients – is highly flammable.

Local emergency services said that “ignorance of the elementary laws of physics and disregard for safety rules have led to irreparable losses”.

Similar Incident in Romania

Last month, two patients died as fire erupts at a COVID-19 hospital in Romania’s central city of Ploiesti.

The incident is the fourth of its kind at healthcare facilities within a year in the country.

The police did not declare the cause of the fire, but an investigation was underway.

“The firefighters put out the fire fast, but unfortunately two people died”, Health Minister Cseke Atilla told local media.

“There are 2 victims and 16 injured people at Ploiești County Hospital,” the health ministry said in a statement.

Interim Prime Minister Florin Citu sent his condolences to the families of the victims.

He further warned Romania’s healthcare system started suffering a fourth wave of coronavirus infections.

“I always demanded that the hospitals can resist the fourth wave,” Citu told reporters. “We are facing an overload of the medical system due to wave four. Everyone must ensure that all measures are ready for the safety of patients.”

Last month, nine COVID-19 patients died when fire broke out at a hospital in the Romanian port city of Constanta.